New Beautiful Song “My Arena” by Sia Leaks Online

Sia has one amazing voice. We could go as far as to call it unique. The highs and lows she can reach with her pitch range gives her the ability to mould the song into a beautiful creation.

Sia’s new creation is titled “My Arena”. The track leaked on SoundCloud just a day ago. The song is a beautiful piece of music. However, it is not clear as to where this song came from or where it belongs to. We are just too mesmerized by the new song to go digging for more information.

You can listen to “My Arena” by Sia below.

You broke my heart and now this is my arena and I’m sold out
You tried to kick me down but you’re hearing this now when your heart is beating
See, I’m doing fine, better than fine
And now I see that your melody was lost on me

The lyrics are beautiful and Sia’s voice amazingly correlates with the verses.

The song meaning is as such that lyrics of “My Arena” keeps comparing the ups and downs of a relationship to musical lingo. It is done quite beautifully.

If you enjoy the new song from Sia, make sure to leave a comment saying so.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I love the song, the lyrics are beautiful together with her voice. I love Sia😍😍❣️

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