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Two New Songs “When I See It” & “Say You Will” by Kanye West Released

Kanye West took it to SoundCloud to release two brand new tracks, out of the blue. While waiting for the much anticipated ‘So Help Me God’ album by Yeesuz, he releases these two tracks to keep up the hype for new music. Kanye has a pretty good business mind in that sense-now everybody is hyped up about the two new songs titled “When I See It” and “Say You Will” featuring Caroline Shaw.

The two new songs are drastically different to each other. “Say You Will” is more leaning towards orchestrated sounds, symphonies and epic music-almost a ballad. Caroline Shaw too does an amazing job on the new track. “When I See It” is classic Kanye West-rhythmic and heavily modified beats and voices. Either way, both tracks are pretty decent from Kanye.

Have a listen below.

“Say You Will” by Kanye West featuring Caroline Shaw

“When I See It” by Kanye West

There is no more details available about these two new tracks. The two tracks came out of a brand new SoundCloud account. Not to worry though. The account is legit. Several artists and music websites have confirmed the legitimacy of the account.

Still, there is no information as to where these two tracks came from, or where they belong to. Music from the upcoming album? Think not!


Cover picture for
Cover picture for “Say You Will” and “When I See It” by Kanye West

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