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Listen to Kendrick Lamar’s Latest “Untitled 2” Track

We are seeing a patter and we are in love with it. What’s the pattern? Read on, as we break it down.

Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, K Dot made an appearance as the musical guest for the show. To the much delight of the whole world, Kendrick Lamar premiered a new song on the show. The new song is titled “Untitled 2 (Blue Faces)”, as is filled with fire power as most of his lyrics are.

“Untitled 2” follows yet another ‘untitled’ track that was premiered by Kendrick on The Colbert Report. At the time the song was introduced as an untitled track, but the release of a follow up track gives us hope. There could be more of the series…

Watch Kendrick Lamar Perform “Untitled 2” on Jimmy Fallon Show

The untitled song was featured on The Colbert Report on December 16, 2014. And the second of the series follows after a year since the first. So this could be related to the first-or could not be related at all. But keep in mind that the amazing ‘Untitled’ track that was premiered on The Colbert Report never made it to Kendrick Lamar’s last studio album ‘To Pimp A Butterfly.’ Hence it could mean that Kendrick has other plans for this track. Like what? An ‘Untitled’ album containing a bunch of untitled tracks? If these two songs are of any indication of what’s to come, it will be an amazing album-one for the brain of the people.

But why you so sad?
Walking around with them blue faces
They say I’m down on my luck
And it’s something I gotta have
Blue faces
I hit the bank today and tell them color me bad
Blue faces
Get that new money, and it’s breaking me down

“Untitled 2” song proves yet again that what an amazing lyricist Kendrick Lamar is.

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