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Backstreet Boys Return with “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” Single (Lyrics Review)

The glory days of the boybands could be just around the corner, as the famed Backstreet Boys hit up the studios for another run at the game. Backstreet Boys AKA BSB have been out of the game for far too long and their comeback single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is a massive dance track.

Backstreet Boy’s last musical work was released in July, 2013, which marks 5 years of absolute absence of the band from the music arena. The 2013 album ‘In a World Like This’ reached #5 in US and #16 in UK and achieved Gold sales status as per RIAA. Although, the group has been out of the music game, they are not outdated from it. The comeback single “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is not exactly classic-BSB, but it is so much BSB itself.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is an electronic track with synthesizers and a side dish of EDM. This is a dance track, you can dance away carefree.

Watch “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” Music Video

The Backstreet Boys revolutionized the music industry in the 90s with some great music such as “Quit Playing Games (with My Heart),” “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back),” “As Long As You Love Me” and “Shape Of My Heart.” Their 8 studio albums, so far, have received seven Grammy nominations, two American Music Awards, seven Billboard Music Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards and more.

Lyrics Review of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”

Verse 1 is done by Nick Carter and speaks about how he has failed in romance before. Not entirely due to his fault, but he has been burnt before and he cannot imagine any other relationship being any better. So, he has mixed emotions about this new love.


The whole BSB bunch gets together for the pre-chorus and chorus of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

These lines say that they are not the kind of people to move on from one relationship to the other easily. They believe love can do better and love has a bigger purpose in life.

So, in the chorus, the guys scream at the girl not to leave them heartbroken, because this time it will jus be too much for them to handle.

Cover art for
Cover art for “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” single
Verse 2

AJ McLean picks up the second verse of the song. He says that he has been very open with the girl from the start, as he is honest. But he does not know if this still is the style. In this modern era of digitalization, everything happens behind closed doors. He is worried, if she would find him old-fashioned.


Nick Carter again tells her of his intentions in this relationship. Although, he has been hurt and broken from the previous relationships, he feels something different about this one. So, he is all in now and he wants to know if she is too. He warns the girl now itself, not to play with his heart and if this is a one-night thing, he wants nothing to do with it again.

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is a simple worded track and a dance anthem, which fits perfectly in the strong boots of Backstreet Boys. Hence, the song is more BSB than any other song of theirs.

We would love to know your opinion on this song and the music video. Was it up to your expectation after 5 years of waiting? Let us know in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”



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