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Calvin Harris – Over Now Ft. The Weeknd | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

After teasing their collaboration during the virtual TikTok concert on August 7, 2020, The Weeknd and Calvin Harris announced the upcoming single “Over Now.” The teased snippets tells us that this song is about getting over a seemingly toxic relationship.

Breakup and moving on and inability move on were some of the recurring themes on The Weeknd’s March 2020 album ‘After Hours.’

The single released on August 28, 2020, along with a music video.

Watch “Over Now” by Calvin Harris Featuring The Weeknd

In the song, we hear a hardened singer trying to justify him moving out of his relationship with a girl. He assures that she is a professional at playing the victim everytime something does not go her way. The Weeknd realizes that he has no time to deal with all this drama, especillay when there is so much fish in the sea.

The Weeknd reveals that he pressed their relationship a bit too much. He tried to get her to love him and turn this into something beautiful. He ignored the warning signs, until the warning signs hit him in his face.

In the second verse, we find out that The Weeknd has already moved on to another girl and so has she to another man. So why is he still getting calls from her? Attention? Fame? Fortunes? Whicever the reason is, The Weeknd is so done with all of that. He would rather be alone.

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