taylor swift out of the woods making video behind the scenes

Taylor Swift Releases Making of “Out Of The Woods” Music Video

“Out Of The Woods” has been one of the most successful singles off of ‘1989’ album by Taylor Swift. The music video for OOTW captured the essence of the song lyrics perfectly, and was loved by many. The video received a lot of praise for the incredible amount of symbolism hidden in plain sight.

Today, Taylor Swift released the making of video of “Out Of The Woods” music video. The making of clip includes Taylor and Joseph Khan (director of OOTW music video) commenting on different scenes of the music video and how they enjoyed shooting the video.

The icy and firy forests have been made inside studios and the ice is all fake. Bummer! The mud scene had been real enough and that had been Taylor’s least favorite part in the shoot. The beach and the woods were real locations. The beautiful beach location is in New Zealand.

Basically, the entire “Out Of The Woods” music video is about Taylor’s struggle with life and how it all ends when she discovers herself. OOTW is not only a beautifully crafted music video, but also a life lesson to most of us.

Let us know what you think about the making of video or the music video.

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