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Halsey and YUNGBLUD Get Cozy in “11 Minutes” Music Video (Review)

Halsey and Yungblud’s surprise collaboration “11 Minutes” released last week and it is already one of the hottest tracks out there. The song infuses Pop and Rock genres in a perfect blend and the drums by Travis Barker adds an extra spark of intensity to the song.

In an interview with ALT 98.7 radio, Halsey and Yungblud talked about their hit “11 Minutes” and the video. Yungblud explained the backstory to the song;

“The story of the song tells the story of two young people, who kinda were the perfect couple in highschool everytime… and they were gonna be together forever. And they broke up because, of the kind of way the society teaches things about relationships: success and power is more important nowadays. It’s kind of what society puts on us. A couple of years go by, and they say ‘I cannot live without you’ and they agree to meet up and talk and rekindle something. And she texts him saying “I’m a 11 minutes away” and he is waiting for her and on the way she gets hit by a car.”

According to the interview Halsey has been a fan of Yungblud’s work and hit him up for a beer, which turned out to be a lot more beers and in their chit-chat came up this story about a couple he knew.

Halsey talked about working on the “11 Minutes” video;

“We are both into that kind of like non-liner story-telling like Blackmirror […] that kind of confuses the viewer thing. And I thought it would be interesting to explore the five stages of grief. So when you love someone and you lose them in such a tragic way that the song is about, you’re kind of forced to live it over and over and over again. So the video is about Dom’s protaganist waking up to an alarm on his watch that starts counting down from 11 minutes and he has a 11 minutes to stop the accident. And he fails everytime.

The video perfectly captures how the singer tries to interfere with fate of what has happened to the girl. But each time he fails and each time he tries to best himself, some new obstacle comes up. As per the video, the way out is to go through the five stages of grief: 1-Denial, 2-Anger, 3-Bargaining, 4-Depression and 5-Acceptance.

Watch the video below;

The video is high-energy and high-intensity with a feature by Travis Barker as well. The latter part of the video is dedicated to a highligh-reel of all the romantic moments enjoyed by this couple when they were together. Halsye and Dominic Harrison getting cozy in the bed sparking intense couple-vibes.

The duo also performed their collab live in Australia during Yungblud’s tour.

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