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Nick Jonas – “Close” Ft. Tove Lo (Lyrics Review)

“Close” is a track appearing in Nick Jonas’s latest album ‘Last Year Was Complicated’. The “Close” music video isn’t that complicated for the intriguing eye. The song speaks of the struggles of intimacy between partners falling in love. Nick Jonas and Tove Lo do some amazing vocals in the song that it’s just pure bliss.

“Close” single was released on March 25, 2016 and with the release of the album on June 10th, the song has been climbing on Billboard Hot 100 chart. We expect it to climb further up from it’s current position at #14.

Watch Nick Jonas and Tove Lo in “Close” Music Video

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The choreography in “Close” music video is quite amazing. We see Nick Jonas and Tove Lo seated facing each other in ragged clothes in an empty warehouse. And they are dragged away and towards each other to the pace of the song, which symbolizes the struggle of getting close to someone. In the end they break away the veil and embrace each other.

Lyrics Review of “Close”

Nick Jonas starts off the song;

(Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn!)
I’m so perplexed
With just one breath, I’m locked in
Oh damn, oh damn, oh damn
(I’m so perplexed)
On that, it’s almost shocking
I know, I know you know you’re scared
Your heart, your mind, your soul, your body
They won’t, they won’t, they won’t be careful
But I guess that you don’t know me…

That ecstatic and electrifying and silent moment when you glance upon your soulmate is described in the first verse. The singer is stunned at the beauty of her, he is hooked in her eyes, their hearts are pounding. Her heart, mind, soul and body would go wild and the singer is there to embrace it all and soak it in.

‘Cause if I want you, and I want you, babe
Ain’t going backwards, won’t ask for space
Cause space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get too…

This verse is beautiful, especially the last tine. It gets connected to the next verse or the chorus of the song in a beautiful way.

The singer says he won’t go back and forth with her. He is certain that she’s the one he wants and he will ask no space from her, because according to Nick, space is word made up by people who are afraid to get too close.

Watch Nick Jonas and Tove Lo Perform “Close” Live at 2016 Billboard Music Awards

When you know she/he is the one, you won’t need space between you too. You and them become one and whole. There’s no room for space if you two are emotionally, psychologically and physically synced with each other.

If you ever do utter the words ‘I need some space’, you would seriously have to consider about the true nature of your relationship.

Moving on…

Close, ooh
Oh, so close, ooh
I want you close, ooh
Cause space is just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get close, ooh
Oh, so close, ooh
I want you close, ooh
Oh, I want you close, and close ain’t close enough, no

Chorus of the song is just beautiful and emotionally energetic. The performance given by Nick and Tove Lo in the music video is nicely in sync with the raw energy and emotion of the track.

Tove Lo joins in on the song for the first time;

Oh man, oh man
I am not really known for ever being speechless
But now, but now somehow
My words roll off my tongue right onto your lips, oh
I’m keeping cool while you keep smiling
Saying all the things I’m thinking
Oh man, oh man
I am like you so I want proof of what you’re feeling

The woman is perplexed as well. She is a talker and she is speechless now in sight of the emotions running through her. He speaks what she wants to hear-likely about intimacy and not needing space. He is saying all the right things. It makes her smile and she wants to know if this is really happening.

“Close” Music Video Choreography

The chorus of the song repeats two more times and the song comes to an end. The space that existed before has ceased now and they have embraced each other’s company. Towards the end of the music video, the duo breaks away their space and turns it into an almost dirty dance type choreography. By this time their clothes are torn off due to all the back and forth movements which could symbolize the struggles of love in real life. But in the end they do make it. They tear apart the space between them and become one and whole.

I think it’s a beautiful song and a very beautiful piece of visuals.

What is your take on the song and the music video? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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