Ed Sheeran acoustic She Looks So Perfect

This Acoustic Version of “Thinking Out Loud” By Ed Sheeran Is Everything!

Ed Sheeran and his acoustic guitar is a better love story than all the love stories combined. His angelic voice and the clean acoustic guitar music is just the perfect combination for soothing music. Like butter on hot toast–it just works in every way possible.

Ed Sheeran did another acoustic session and it included an amazing acoustic version of the beautiful “Thinking Out Loud” song. I have always adored “Thinking Out Loud” as one of the best songs of Ed, and possibly an all-time top 10 song quite easily. The lyrics, the melody, the voice, the music, it all works perfectly.

Watch Ed Sheeran Perform Acoustic “Thinking Out Loud”


I’m a huge fan of ‘acoustic’ music. I believe and have experienced the soothing effects of voice + basic sounds on the mind. And it requires a great deal of talent to play and sing acoustic music. No auto-tune, no background music, no synthesizers, no nothing, except for pure talent. And Ed Sheeran is plenty of that.

Martin LX1E

Ed Sheeran’s acoustic guitar is produced by C. F. Martin & Co., and Ed has his own acoustic guitar version named after him. “Martin LXM Little Martin” is what Ed Sheeran uses, and that’s the same guitar present in this music video. Just get yourself a “Multiply” album sticker and your guitar just looks like Eds’.

acoustic guitar
Ed Sheeran’s guitar

Buy Ed Sheeran’s Acoustic Guitar “Martin LXM Little Martin” on Amazon  

This will also make a wonderful gift to any Ed Sheeran fan who plays acoustic guitar.

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Happy holidays!

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