chris brown lady in the glass dress full song lyrics review

Chris Brown Releases “Lady In The Glass Dress” (Lyrics Review)

Chris Brown took on to SoundCloud today to release one of the most anticipated tracks he previewed us in his 2014 album ‘X’. An interlude to a track titled “Lady In The Glass Dress” was embedded in the album tracklisting and it was the romantic side of Chris Brown on the song. The fans have been waiting two years for this track and finally it’s here.

Listen to “Lady In The Glass Dress” by Chris Brown

The lyrics to the song are simple and romantic, based on the whole premise that even though the girl acts like she doesn’t want anything to do with the singer, he can actually see right through her (hence the metaphor ‘glass dress’) which is that she actually wants to be with him.

Lady in a glass dress
I can see right through you
You act like you don’t want this
But you know that you do
Since he broke your heart, girl
You say you’ll never love again
And you won’t let it stop girl
But we know in the end

The first verse (as mentioned above) was already previewed through the interlude from two years ago, and today we have a few more lyrics of “Lady In The Glass Dress” which goes as follows;

I’m telling you I want you
But you sayin’ you don’t care
Begging you to stay with me
But you’re staying right there, I
When will you try…
I swear you’re being selfish girl, you know that this ain’t fair
Tell me that you wanna be alone when you go to bed tonight…
You close your eyes

We are in love with the song and would love to hear your opinion as well. Make sure to leave a comment below.

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