Rihanna "Higher" snippet from 'R8' Album

Rihanna Teases “Higher” Song from ‘R8’ Album

Rihanna is hitting the studios left and right, trying to get the ‘R8‘ album ready within this year. Rest assured, we can say that Riri is making quick progress. Just last night Rihanna posted two small videos on her Instagram profile, which happen to be a song named “Higher” from an ‘unknown’ album. But her #R8 caption pretty much said the whole story. Yes, they were two quick previews of her upcoming song “Higher” from ‘R8’ album.

We got to listen to “FourFiveSeconds” from ‘R8’ earlier this year, and “Higher” is of an entirely different caliber. “FourFiveSeconds” was acoustic, with Kanye West, singing-not rapping-and Sir Paul McCartney’s beautiful music. “Higher” is more of a strings-supported music piece.

As the title suggests, “Higher” is a song sung by a whiskey-driven Rihanna.

“This whiskey got me feelin pretty, so pardon if I’m impolite,

I just really need your ass with me.”

Wait, what? Yeah, that’s what Riri says. Listen;

Preview New Song “Higher” by Rihanna from ‘R8’ Album

The smooth, low-key Jazz music really could get us ‘higher’ too.

Since the snippet is out, we can only imagine that Rihanna will soon release the full track too, possibly as a single off of the upcoming album. We are counting the days!

This is yet another good sign that Rihanna’s ‘R8’ is going to be pretty amazing. First off it was an acoustic track and now a Jazz track. The album could be one of those genre-defying musical works and we are so excited for that.

Anyway, what do you think about this new piece of music by Rihanna? What are your hopes for the new album?

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