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Watch Yelawolf’s Music Video for “Daylight”

elawol will be releasing another album towards the end of 2016 and it is titled ‘Trial By Fire.’ Although no official release date is set yet we already have the first single and the music video from the album. The first release is titled “Daylight” and constitutes of some melancholy tune and lyrics. This track is a fine mix of Country and Hip Hop. You can watch the music video below.

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“Daylight” single cover

Second verse of the song goes;

Drinkin’ ’til I’m heavily faded
All the sudden the suds I’m sippin’ got me feelin’ edumacated
I complicate the uncomplicated
My drinkin’ partners are the greatest
Me and my buddy, Jack Davis
Daniels, whatever, we Jimmy Beamin’, if we get lucky, maybe
We get a visit from the baby King 13 and go fuckin’ crazy
Ten racks for a crystal chandelier full of liquid swazy

“Daylight” track is dedicated to his drinking addiction and how it has often lead him through darker alleys. In his previous album we saw Yelawolf seeking redemption from his “Best Friend” who is God as we realize later in the track. So he could be over with his old habits.

Yelawolf is signed with Eminem’s Interscope Records and earlier this week we saw Eminem’s official Facebook page sharing the release of “Daylight” track and music video and acknowledging some good music work. We have yet to learn if Eminem had any influence on the song, which I doubt. But we can expect some association of Eminem in Yelawolf’s upcoming ‘Trial By Fire’ album. I mean you can’t just keep the Rap God away.

Comment below your favorite lines from “Daylight” and what you think this song means. Also stay tuned with us for more updates on the upcoming album’s tracklist and release date.


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