the chainsmokers setting fires lyric video

Watch the Lyric Video for “Setting Fires” by The Chainsmokers

A few weeks back, we announced the release of a new hot single by The Chainsmokers. Going along with the same theme that has been working for them so far with singles like “Closer” and “All We Know”, this new track is also subtle in EDM and packs a killer vocal track by XYLØ. Now we have the lyric video for “Setting Fires” and it’s very creatively done. The video was directed by James ‘ZOLA’ Zwadlo. Watch the video below.

The video features a lot of stunts, for which you get a ‘do not attempt these at home’ warning at the beginning of the video. Going along with the theme of the song, the stunts get crazier and even on fire. Skateboard tricks on platforms of fire and the skateboards themselves are on fire too.

Fully teen-spirited and energetic, this lyric video matches with the flow of “Setting Fires.” Although we would have expected a full on music video for the track, this just works well too.

Comment your opinion on the song and the video.

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