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Rick Ross Premiers “Free Enterprise” Video, Mentions Eminem

Rick Ross has timed it right with the release of his new video for politically charged track “Free Enterprise” which was featured in ‘Black Market’ album from 2015. The video could not have been come out at a better time as the US Presidential Election 2016 has produced some unexpected results. A majority of the artists has shown their utter disgust of the new president and some have even vowed to leave the country. Be as that may be, Rick Ross has stirred quite the hot waters with “Free Enterprise” and he has John Legend to support with some verses at the end of the track.

Watch “Free Enterprise” Music Video by Rick Ross

In verse 2 of the song, Rick Ross gets really personal about his electoral candidates.

Assassinate Trump like I’m Zimmerman
Now accept these words as they came from Eminem
Democratic party sentenced to the pendulum
Killing them, I voted for Andre Benjamin

Geroge Zimmerman was accused of fatally shooting the 17-year-old African American kid Trayvon Martin. Rick Ross says he would not mind getting behind the bars if he could end Donald Trump.

He also brings in Eminem to his verses, but it’s more or less connected with the lyrics just before the above lines.

All I wanted was some Bel Air
Just because I’m famous
Or is it cause I’m rich and I know what pain is?

Bel Air is a brand of classic Chevrolet cars and Rick Ross is known for his rides. Did he want the luxury of an expensive car just because he is famous? Or because he knows the struggles that enabled him to afford the vehicle? You know Eminem would approve of his purchase decision, as someone who had to go through the gutters to be where he is today.

Also this is in tune with what Eminem had to say about the election in his “Campaign Speech” in which he calls out Trump very openly.

Anyway, we like the fact that the artists have freedom of speech yet and express their opinions about anyone in an uncensored manner.

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