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Watch “All We Know” Music Video by The Chainsmokers

So we have the visuals for “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers-yet another amazing collaboration by the duo with Phoebe Ryan. The song was released a few weeks back and we were mesmerized by the tune and the lyrics. Phoebe Ryan delivers some good vocals on the track. The music video that was released today and the visuals have somewhat abrupt connection with the lyrics of the song.

A dude gets a call from a brother (maybe?) with some grim news and he lashes out of the house ignoring his girlfriends aid for console. He goes to a shop buys some liquor and gets wasted. By the dawn he reaches a hiking trail and reaches a moment of clarity. Guess what the song means to say is that past is really the past-whatever bad may have happened in it-what’s really worth is what you have right now.

Watch “All We Know” Music Video

The simplicity of the video has us hooked, because it is so in tune with the tune of the song.

In all honesty, the video could have been better and more inclined towards the theme and lyrics of the song. They did that with “Closer” video.

Anyway, we are still in love with the song and the video. What are your thoughts on it?

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