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Welcome to the Hottest “Slumber Party” with Britney Spears & Tinashe (Review)

Thankfully, Britney Spears has released a music video for her second single “Slumber Party” off of her latest album ‘Glory.’ The first single “Make Me” with G-Eazy received much attention from the public and “Slumber Party” is an ideal follow up track. Directed by Colin Tilley, we can see that the music video is as hot as that was for “Make Me” and Britney is back with her sexy moves.

To add to the hotness, the music video also features Tinashe in all the glory of lingerie. The setting is one of those high-society slumber parties with a lot of beautiful women, ominous lighting and male models. To our viewing pleasure, the party rages on and Britney and Tinashe get very handsy on each other.

Watch “Slumber Party” Music Video by Britney Spears

The music video released less than 24 hours ago has already accumulated over 5 million views on YouTube alone.

Cause we got them candles hanging
Hanging from the ceiling low
We use our bodies to make our own videos
Put on our music that makes us go f*cking crazy, oh
Go crazy, oh

And they did use their bodies to make their own videos!

The release of the video has revamped the popularity of the single and it’s one of the hottest topics on Twitter for many hours now.

We love that Britney Spears is back and back on her usual style. Let us know what you think about the track and the video.

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