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Watch Sarah Hyland and Boyce Avenue Cover “Closer” Acoustically

Who knew Sarah Hyland from the Modern Family was multi-talented. She not only portrays Haley Dunphy in the popular TV series, but also has a killer vocal skill set. Boyce Avenue needs no introduction to the fans of YouTube covers as they have proven themselves as some of the most talented acoustic cover producers out there.

Closer” has been reigning the Billboard Hot 100 chart for so many weeks in a row. Only “Starboy” by The Weeknd has even come closer to dethroning the hit single by The Chainsmokers. There are many covers of “Closer” on YouTube, but this one by Boyce Avenue certainly tops many of them. Addition of Sarah Hyland’s voice and beauty to the video makes it ever so special.

Watch Sarah Hyland & Boyce Avenue Perform “Closer”

Sarah Hyland does not hit the high notes which Halsey perfect on the original track. But she keeps it simple and elegant. She can produce a decent deep tone which is perfect for some parts of this track.

You also can grab the track on iTunes and Amazon.

We think this cover of “Closer” was beautifully done by the Boyce Avenue crew and Sarah Hyland. This may not be the best cover out there, but it’s one of our favorites, simply because of the minimal music and that acoustic guitar. Hope to see more of Sarah Hyland’s music in the future.

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