Stop Everything and Listen to This “Blank Space” Cover by Imagine Dragons

Taylor Swift introduced us to the Pop side of her with her latest album ‘1989‘, and the biggest hit of the album was “Blank Space“. It is unarguably one of the best Pop songs we have seen in a while and it slayed the Billboard charts. That’s all well and set, but did you think Imagine Dragons could go Pop? Yes, because this “Blank Space” cover by Imagine Dragons is probably the best cover you will here this whole week.

Imagine Dragons, as a musical group, is operating on a whole other level. Their latest studio album ‘Smoke + Mirrors‘ proved the above fact, and we feel so privileged to hear music of them. ‘Smoke + Mirrors’ took us on a whole new musical journey–there were many genres of music within one Alternative Rock-album. Although Imagine Dragons define themselves as an Alternative Rock band, I do believe they can conquer so much more. This “Blank Space” cover by Imagine Dragons is living testament on that.

Watch This Amazing “Blank Space” Cover by Imagine Dragons

It wouldn’t even be justifiable to call this a ‘cover’ version, because it is totally something apart from the original track. The music is at a minimum, but they have stuck to the drum beat found on the original track (done by Max Martin), but at a much mellow level. I would rather call this a ‘rendition’ than a cover. Imagine Dragons did cover Taylor Swift, but they managed to make it so unique, that it sounds so fresh.

Love the little mashup towards the latter part of the “Blank Space” cover by Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons covers “Stand By Me” by the great Ben E. King–the first verse of the song “beautifully creeping” in there according to the host of the show, and we agree. It was ‘perfection’, to the definition of the word.

Imagine Dragons team is so talented. They have so much talent with regards to the music they produce and lead singer, Dan Reynolds has such a flexible voice. They are the next biggest thing in Alt Rock, in my opinion.

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Thanks to BBC Live Lounge for setting up these amazing performances!

EDIT: On 5th listen or so, we realized that the beat of this cover, specially at the beginning, resembles the music of “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King. Actually the “Stand By Me” music never dies out, just gets shadowed by the “Blank Space” drums. Listen carefully, and you will here “Stand By Me” tune and music throughout this cover. Amazing!

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