taylor swift mannequin challenge

Watch Taylor Swift and Her Girl Squad Take on the Mannequin Challenge

If you haven’t been living under a rock for about a month or two, you should be knowing that people have been turning into mannequins on social media quite often. The Mannequin Challenge is where a bunch of people stay absolutely still in different locations and the camera captures them one by one. At the end, usually to a beat, they all go crazy. Simple and fun and a nice trend to end the year 2016.

A single search for #mannequinchallenge on Twitter or Instagram would give you loads of people taking on this challenge and some celebrities have taken this on as well.

The latest celeb to join the madness is Taylor Swift and her girl squad plus her brother Austin. They are all back in their homes for thanksgiving and they hit up the beach.

Watch Taylor Swift in Mannequin Challenge


In the video are Taylor Swift, Austin Swift, Martha Hunt, Lily Donaldson, Broadway star Todrick Hall, Leah McCarthy and Jari Haile.

They all become mannequins for the beginning of Rae Sremmud’s “Black Beatles” and as soon as the verses start dropping, the mannequins come to life to do the most bizarre dance ever. Obviously you can expect Taylor Swift to do her wiggly-non rhythmic-and bizarre dance moves and she delivers exactly that.

You can head over to Instagram for more Mannequin Challenge videos from people all over the world. If you have your own, leave the links in the comments below and we will feature the best in this article.

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