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Lil Tjay – Beat The Odds | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Seven gunshot wounds apparently cannot keep Lil Tjay down as the Bronx rapper releases his first new song since the shooting. Titled, “Beat The Odds,” the new track tackles the various demons in his life.

Lil Tjay suffered multiple gunshot wounds in June 2022, caught in the thick of a botched robbery. The rapper was in critical condition for a while, along with a couple of his friends who were with him at the shooting. Later, Lil Tjay released a statement about his condition and his return to music; “Seven shots, it was tough, you know. Most people don’t survive it, but I’m here. Here for a reason. New music coming soon. We’re gonna come back stronger than ever.”

In “Beat The Odds,” Lil Tjay touches on the shooting incident and how his enemies keep growing as he does in the music game. However, he can only feel blessed about how his life has turned out.

The music video for the track features Lil Tjay in the hospital, wearing a hospital gown and a neck collar, and briefly shows what appears to be gunshot wounds in his abdomen area. The song has a more positive outlook, as the rapper seems to get back on his music and back on stage at the end of the video.

Listen to “Beat The Odds” by Lil Tjay

Lil Tjay “Beat The Odds” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review


In the hook of the song, Lil Tjay talks about how most odds in life were stacked against him. But, somehow, he found an avenue to make it work for him–music. Now, there is too much to lose. He knows he has some people to take care of and a career on the upward trajectory. It is sad to hear that he needs a gun by his side at all times for his protection.

Was all the success worth it?

Verse 1

Lil Tjay starts the verse by saying that he came from nothing so he had a hunger for fame and success within him. He was like a fiend for that money, chasing it every opportunity he got. Now he has a few million in his bank. But this is not the end for him.

I do my own thing, f*ck it, I took seven shots, no shame

This line is a reference to the time Lil Tjay got seven gunshot wounds back in June 2022. Although this was not related to his career, Tjay says that nothing is deviating from his mission. He will come back stronger and continue on.

Yesterday, we analyzed the new song “GOD DID” by DJ Khaled featuring Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. In this song, Lil Wayne says how he inspired a whole generation of rappers. In “Beat The Odds,” Lil Tjay pays homage to Lil Wayne by mentioning Wayne’s popular mixtape “No Ceilings.” The reference also alludes that Lil Tjay has no barriers when it comes to his potential.

If I wasn’t quick to blow, I would be in the stars right now

Tjay says that if it wasn’t for the success of his music career, he would likely be dead already. The grind on the streets has far more dire consequences when you are broke, too. The stardom has at least allowed him a little more security and “untouchability.”

Verse 2

In the second verse, more gun talks follow through. It is quite clear that the gunshot wounds he suffered in June have left a permanent scar on his mind. He has flashbacks to all the times he was caught in shootings. He finds it hard to believe that he is even alive today. But he knows he is not going out easy.

Never had no doubt if I’m gon’ make it or no probably

The above line applies to both his career and his health when he was shot. He knew he was going to be successful in life at some point. His plan on Earth is not over yet. How long can he keep on beating the odds?

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