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Watch Lady Gaga’s New Pumped Up Video for “John Wayne”

Lady Gaga just officially released the music video for “John Wayne” and we are still in shock at what we witnessed. It was bizarre series of events that were difficult to grasp. Lady Gaga brings up her usual hyper active dance and upbeat rhythm in “John Wayne”, which is a far cry from her other ‘Joanne’ tracks like “Million Reasons.”

Right after Lady Gaga’s Superbowl performance, she has returned with this music video. Perfect timing to boost up the views and album sales.The video has been produced by Serial Pictures and directed by Jonas Akerlund.

Watch “John Wayne” Video by Lady Gaga

Every John is just the same
I’m sick of their city games
I crave a real wild man
I’m strung out on John Wayne

We see Lady Gag dressed in her usual bizarre clothing riding a motor bike following a ‘John’ and taking a ride with a real wild man in a booze induced state.

There are mixed reviews about the music video on social media-some have welcomed back Lady Gaga from her wild and care free days and some are missing the solemn ‘Joanne.’

What are your thoughts on “John Wayne” music video? We think she has created something unique with this piece of art. Whichever the case is, we know that this video will go viral in no time.

You can buy the track on iTunes and Amazon.

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