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“Despacito” Hits 3.5 Billion, Gets Beaten to “LWYMMD”?

It was an intense battlefield out there this week, as two of the biggest singles of 2017 went head to head for the coveted ‘Billboard Hot 100’ #01. Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s collab “Despacito” has been THE hit of the Summer with over 13 weeks in #1 position on Billboard Hot 100 chart. The other singles that almost ended it’s reign are “Bodak Yellow,” “Wild Thoughts” and “Attention” by Charlie Puth. However, none of these singles were able to actually dethrone “Despacito.” But there is a new contender who is pretty much guaranteed to beat “Despacito” to No 1 on Billboard Hot 100 and it is none other than “LWYMMD” by Taylor Swift.

“Look What You Made Me Do” comes as the first single off of Taylor Swift’s 6th upcoming studio album ‘Reputation.’ The new single in grungy and serves a cold plate to Taylor’s haters. She is seen accepting the remarks made at her being called a “snake.” In a way, Taylor’s haters made her set and break a lot of record and earn a few more millions of dollars.

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Taylor Swift’s “LWYMMD” single landed on the 77th position on Billboard Hot 100 chart for this week. However, massive streaming and sales volumes will bump this rank to the top in the next week. How many spots will is climb is the real question. But one thing is quite inevitable, and that is “LWYMMD” is on it’s course to dethrone “Despacito” from it’s #1 spot on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“Despacito” Hits 3.5 Billion

“Despacito” has conquered a massive milestone on YouTube. The hit single crossed 3 billion views mark on the music video, making it the most viewed music video of all time. Currently the number of viewing is 3,579,152,257 and counting due to the massive publicity it’s been getting. The video took 7 months to reach this goal and it’s predecessor, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth has just crossed over 3 billion mark with a staggering 3,085,327,040 views as of now.

Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” music video has accumulated 215,797,569 views in 8 days, which is roughly 27 million views a day on average. In the first 24 hours of release “LWYMMD” music video broke the most viewed record held by Adele. Should “LWYMMD” run at a pace of 27 million views a day, it should cross the 3 billion mark in 111 days, which is just over 3 months. But the pace is guaranteed to reduce and we can only assume that the video will take over 4 months to reach 3 billion.

The graph showing top 10 videos on YouTube and their performance
The graph showing top 10 videos on YouTube and their performance

In either case, we think it is a very high possibility that “LWYMMD” music video will break either ‘fastest to reach 1 billion views,’ ‘fastest to reach 2 billion views,’ ‘fastest to reach 3 billion views’ or even ‘most viewed of all time.’

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What do you think about this battle of the singles and music videos? Who will come out victorious? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

Update: 06/09/2017

As expected, “Look What You Made Me Do” has knocked “Despacito” out of it’s throne to capture the #1 rank on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Debuting at #77 on the chart, “LWYMMD” jumped all the way to the top backed by massive airplay, streams and sales. Official numbers say the song was streamed 84.4 million times in the past week according to Nielsen Music. This also marks the highest streams by a female artist, going well beyond Adele’s record of 61.6 million for “Hello.”

“LWYMMD” also recorded 353,000 downloads in the last week, beating Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You” with 242,000 downloads in 2017.

This is also the first time since “Closer” back in 2016, where a female artist topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Now the question remaining is how long can “LWYMMD” hold on to it’s throne?


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