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Listen to “Bom Bidi Bom” by Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj from Fifty Shades Darker OST

The newest release from the Fifty Shades Darker official soundtrack is another collaboration by two of the hottest stars in the music game. “Bom Bidi Bom” is not only sexy lyrically, but Nick Jonas blesses the song with his gorgeous vocal skills. Nicki Minaj joins in on the track for one verse. After the massively successful collaboration “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” by Zayn and Taylor Swift, “Bom Bidi Bom” has a huge bar set for it. Can it top IDWLF? Only you can tell.

Nick Jonas was excited to tease the new song a few days ago and shared the following on Twitter:

Preview “Bom Bidi Bom” by Nick Jonas and Nicki Minaj

You can buy the full song on iTunes and Amazon. Fifty Shades Darker complete soundtrack too is available on above stores.

Nick Jonas gets super hot vocals out when singing the chorus of the song;

‘Cause I’m an addict, I’m your patient
Your lips are the medication
Come here baby, yeah, you know just what I want
You got that

“Bom Bidi Bom” is essentially a song about passion and love and it suites the theme of the song.

Nicki Minaj’s lyrics from the track is pretty savage;

Uh, assume the position when you see a bad one
The D so good, he just got a N1
I’m about to blow, and I ain’t talking Samsung
I’m about to show him what I do with that tongue

I hope Samsung Note department doesn’t take this joke too seriously.

Nicki Minaj tweeted about the track as well;

We can safely assume whatever the lyrics she was referring to is from what we have quoted above. If you second guess, let us know.

In conclusion, “Bom Bidi Bom” is a pretty hot track with hot beats and Nick Jonas adds that extra little sexy touch to the vocals department and Nicki Minaj delivers her usual fire lines. We like the song and hope you do too. If you do make sure to leave a comment below and quote your favorite lines from the song.

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