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Watch Ed Sheeran Break Dance in “Cross Me” Video Thanks to CGI

We never thought we would live to see the day which Ed Sheeran break dances and pull out all kinds of crazy and ‘hip’ dance moves. But thanks to CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) and the amazing dancer-Courtney Scarr, Ed Sheeran and Chance The Rapper are very skilled dancers.

“Cross Me” was released as a single from Ed Sheeran’s upcoming album ‘No.6 Collaborations Project‘ due on July 12. The album tracklist has many amazing features including artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent, Khalid, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Ella Mai, Skrillex and more.

The music video, directed by Ryan Skaate, shows the dancer Courtney Scarr doing a CGI routine for the characters of Ed Sheeran and Chance The Rapper. We are glimpses of how her dance choreography will transform into the characters of Ed Sheeran and Chance The Rapper. The usually calm and collected Ed Sheeran is seen running around, jumping, spinning and breaking all the ‘hip’ dance moves in the video.

Watch the music video below.

The technology shown in this video is used in many high-end animated movies produced around the world. Most famously, Avatar is a movie which heavily relied on CGI and motion capture technology to animate its alien characters. So, there will be little surprise if artists start to appear doing all the impossible things in videos in the near future!

Let us hear what you think about “Cross Me” music video in the comments below. What other collaborations do you expect to see in visuals?

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