Mungo Jerry Releases ‘Xstreme’ Album (Tracklist, Cover and Review)

Ray Dorset and the clan known as Mungo Jerry are not on the sidelines in 2019. The legendary British rock group just released their brand new studio album ‘Xstreme’ and are preparing to release more albums soon.

‘Xstreme’ is the 22nd studio album by Mungo Jerry and the follow-up to their 2012 hit album ‘Cool Jesus.’ The band gained worldwide popularity during the ’70s aided by the #1 hit single “In The Summertime” released in 1970. The group had several more charting singles and a steady stream of chart-topping albums.

Mungo Jerry released the brand new album on August 23, 2019, a collective of 10 fresh tracks of Blues-Rock genre which they excel in. There are no collaborations on the album–just pure Ray Dorset genius flowing from start to end.

Tracklist of ‘Xstreme’ Album by Mungo Jerry

  1. Stray Dog
  2. Got to Have a Plan
  3. Hey, Mr Teacher
  4. White Dress
  5. 10 Foot Bank Roll
  6. Messing Around
  7. Flying on the Gravy Train
  8. Come to the Party
  9. Hard Working Stranger
  10. The Wind is Blowing
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Leading up to the release date, Ray Dorset released video clips of him introducing the songs on the album.

Ray Dorset explains the idea behind the second track on the album, “Got to Have a Plan” – “in my opinion, if you wanna get somewhere, and you wanna get something done, you must have a plan. And this is a very funky track, and it’s groovy.”

He goes onto elaborate on the third track titled “Hey, Mr Teacher,” a song about a plea for a teacher to teach him about life, love, and everything else in between. Dorset confesses that he is especially fond of the lyrics to this track.

On top of these creative works, Mungo Jerry also announced a ‘Gold’ disc being released on August 30, 2019. This collection will include some of the best works by Mungo Jerry from their entire discography. The 3-CD album is said to contain 60 feel-good tracks, featuring 8 UK top 40 hits. Get your hands on the Gold-coloured vinyl just for $26.99 on Amazon.

And that’s not all. Mungo Jerry also announced their next studio album titled ‘Touch The Sky’ with another 11 tracks. The release date of this album is yet to be revealed. However, you can see the tracklist below.

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