alexandra stan boy oh boy music video

Alexandra Stan Premiers “Boy Oh Boy” Music Video (Review)

Alexandra Stan’s new music video “Boy Oh Boy” is quite what you did not expect from her and it’s refreshing. The music video shows her taking a stroll through a town that looks very South Asian. And obviously, she is the spotlight of the town. She looks quite hot and beautiful while performing the song.

The song was released on June 30, 2017.

Boy Oh Boy
Tell me that you love me
Why you never
Never ever show me
Why you’re mean
You’re always breaking my heart
Why do you make me going low
Wine ma body moving slow
I wave ma hair

You can download the track on iTunes and Amazon.

Although a dance track, “Boy Oh Boy” song might be signalling at a different route than generic club/dance music produced by Stan. So we will be looking forward for more new music by Alexandra Stan in 2017.

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