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Selena Gomez Releases “Fetish” Teaser Clips and Posters

Selena Gomez has been promoting her upcoming single titled “Fetish” for over a week and we are almost at the end of the wait. The new single and video of “Fetish” is scheduled to be released Thursday (July 13th) worldwide. The song features vocals by Gucci Mane as well. Several pictures were released since last week and they all look ‘dreamy’ to say the least.

“Fetish” video snapshot released by Selena Gomez on Facebook

The she released a small snippet that looks like the very beginning of the video.

Then the official Facebook page of Selena Gomez released the single artwork for “Fetish” and it looks nothing ‘dreamy.’ It looks quite the opposite of dreamy. We Selena Gomez dressed in a long pale yellow dress, carrying what seems like two grocery bags and she is standing in front of an old car that is overheated and blowing steam off the hood.

Artwork for
Artwork for “Fetish”

Finally, today, just one day prior to the release of the video, she has released a snippet with some vocals and music in it. The 16 second teaser shows a close up of Selena’s pretty face and she sings;

Take it or leave it, baby take it or leave it.
But I know you won’t leave it, ‘cuz I’m all that you needed.
Look in the mirror, well now look in the mirror,
Baby I see it clearer, Why you wanna be nearer.

Watch Teaser Clip for “Fetish” by Selena Gomez

These lyrics sound like the very beginning of the song “Fetish” and it seems like a song we will be hooked on to. Especially with Gucci Mane in the picture, it looks to be very promising.

After the very successful “Bad Liar” song we cannot wait for another sensation by this very talented artist.

What are your hopes for this new track? Will it be your fetish or not? Let us know in the comments below.

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