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Major Lazer Premiers “Know No Better” Video Ft. Camila Cabello (Lyrics Review)

Major Lazer has managed to tell us a very motivating story in his latest music video for “Know No Better.” The song features vocals by Travis Scott, Camila Cabello and Quavo. The video splits between two timelines of a young boy who had nothing and who has everything. His passion is dancing and the video shows how he keeps at it no matter how hard life gets. And this continuous passion helps him make it big in the industry-now living in a mansion with a hot girlfriend.

“Know No Better” video shows of a time where this young boy wore a ‘Major Lazer’ t-shirt and had posters of his favorite dancers in his practice room. Then fast forward to present time and he is working with Major Lazer and those girls in the posters are backup dancers for him. And those nameless sneakers have become Nike’s. That is how powerful your will is. So never stop trying or believing in yourself.

Watch “Know No Better” Music Video by Major Lazer

I’m not sure who that kid is, but he really does have some serious dance skills and his game face is just on point.

The lyrics speak about believing in your self and how others ‘know no better’ than you do. In the end what it all matters is what you believe in yourself.

Verse 1 by Travis Scott

Wrist lookin’ like it been dipped
Dipped in that, dipped in that, dipped in that
Script lookin’ like it been flipped
Flippin’ that, flippin’ that, flippin’ that
Pull up in that foreign, my God
Whole squad get in that, get in that
Please say it ain’t true
I had to go and cop two
Hell nah, we can’t fit in that

This verse of “Know No Better” speaks of a luxury life. Wrists are dipped in so many bling and jewelry, and his script of life is turned upside-down and he pulls up in a foreign car or a SUV that can fit the whole squad in.

Pre-chorus by Travis Scott and Camila Cabello

Wild ones, like we fresh out the cage
Showtime, baby, fresh off the stage (yah)
Bad lil’ mama, fresh off the page (yah, yah)
Front like you love
But you know that you hate it (yeah, you hate it)

This song speaks to those wild ones out there, fresh and hungry with with motivation. When it’s showtime they bring their A-game. And in the female version-badass girls looking fresh and sleek.

“Front like you love, but you know that you hate it” is a line that eludes my comprehension. It could be meaning to the seating in a car where you hate sitting in the front, but you want to sit in the back because that entails a scene where you have a personal driver. But this could be far off from what it means. If you do know the meaning behind these lines do comment below.

The chorus of the song is done by Travis Scott and Camila Cabello and is very catchy.

Yeah, you know no better
Say you different, who you kidding?
Yeah, you know no better
O-oh, save that talk for the ones who don’t know no better
‘Cause baby I know you better
‘Cause baby I know no better
Baby I know you better (baby I know)
Baby I know you better

“Know No Better” tells us what only matters is that you believe in yourself. What others say is just noise in the background and you shouldn’t be demotivated by any of it. Find your passion and work until you get it is the meaning behind this song.

Verse 2

Top dropped off on my whip
Wippin’ that, wippin’ that, wippin’ that
Yellow and that purple on mix
Mixin’ that, mixin’ that, mixin’ that (yeah)
Copped my bitch from the tropics (yeah)
You know where she sittin’ at
Takin’ shots, pourin’ bottle after bottle after bottle
No, we ain’t sippin’ that (yah)

Again verse 2 speaks about that well-endowed life about convertible cars, expensive drinks and women as hot as the tropics and as sweet as the wines themselves.

Verse 3 is done by Quavo

I can afford the latest (yeah)
Baby, ignore the ratings (ignore ’em)
‘Cause pull up, we pump up, we ragin’
We know no better (no)
Stack my bread up (stack)
Don’t get fed up (nope)
Ain’t gon’ let up (yeah)

This is only a part of Quavo’s verse and the lyrics are quite straightforward. All the verses go along the theme of the song of not giving up and following your passion and if you do that, what lies at the end of the tunnel.

Post chorus of the song gives us motivation;

Maybe I know you better (maybe I know you better)
Maybe I know you better
Baby, I know, I know no better

The singer has faith in each and every one of us, so why shouldn’t we have in ourselves?

Anyway, we are loving “Know No Better” song and music video by Major Lazer. We believe he is up for another chart topper with this single.

What are your thoughts on this song? Think we got our lyrics review straight? If you have anything to correct or have your own interpretation do leave a comment below. If you love this article and the song, please do share it with your friends.

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