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Jung Kook – 3D Ft. Jack Harlow | Lyrics Meaning Revealed

Jung Kook is on a roll with new music as he readies for his upcoming album. The title track of the album, “3D” was released today with a hand from the American rapper Jack Harlow.

Jung Kook follows his first solo release “Seven” in July 2023, with a brand new single named “3D” from the upcoming album of the same name. American rapper Jack Harlow is featured on the track, marking their first collaboration ever. The song was released with a music video.

The song talks about Jung Kook missing someone dearly because of their long-distance relationship. Since distance has put a dent in their physical connection, he has to rely on some 3D technology for the next closest thing to a physical touch.

As a testament to the two superstars’ popularity, the song has reached #1 on iTunes in 100 countries within 24 hours of its release.

Listen to “3D” by Jung Kook & Jack Harlow

Jung Kook “3D” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

In the first two verses of the song, Jung Kook explains his dilemma. He has found this near-perfect partner whom he wants to hold close to him all the time. But, life gets in the way and keeps them in faraway continents. Of course, he gets to enjoy the image and voice of this person via various communication devices. But, he is missing that third dimension–touch.

I got you playin’ with yourself on camera

Things escalate on their daily video calls. Jung Kook and Jack Harlow have no control over themselves when they see their partners like this. Both of them get very hot and heavy on their video calls, showing how much they miss the physical intimacy. They want their partners to be with them so bad, that it’s physically painful.

In the rap verse by Jack Harlow, he settles to his usual smooth flow. He talks about how he flexes multiple girls at the same time–but four side girls seem to be his line in the sand!

Jack Harlow casually flexes his success in the music industry too. He says that he took the weight of his city on his back and put it and his name on the world map.

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