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Julia Michaels Drops “Deep” Music Video (Review)

Julia Michaels’ interim project ‘Inner Monologue, Pt. 1’ had some impressive songs, and that is something considering the EP only had 6 tracks. Today, Julia released a refreshing music video for the 4th track on the album “Deep.”

Julia Michaels collaborated with Selena Gomez for “Anxiety” song and with Niall Horan for “What a Time.” In “Deep,” Julia Michaels goes solo and we would not have it any other way.

The lyrics to “Deep,” talk about falling deep in love with a guy. As per the singer, she is stuck–deep. She is trying to discover a systematic approach to let him go. But she goes crazy everytime he lays his lips on hers.

What makes it so hard for her to let go of this lover is because he is able to re-ignite a dead passion inside her. According to Julia, she has been ripped into pieces and left her feeling empty. This guy is able to mend her broken pieces even without him knowing that.

The music video, directed by Boni Mata, is an expression of love and cheer and life at the cusp of finding new love. Julia Michaels seem so happy, vibrant and alive as she dances and sways to the music. The video itself looks dreamy, with several post-prodcution effects being used.

Watch “Deep” music video by Julia Michaels below.

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