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Lana Del Rey – Tulsa Jesus Freak | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

“Tulsa Jesus Freak” is the third track on Lana Del Rey’s 2021 album ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club.’ The song is a hot mess of religion, love, toxicity, and chaos. The type of content that’s right up Lana’s alley!

Lana Del Rey released her seventh studio album, titled ‘Chemtrails Over the Country Club‘ on March 19, 2021. This is Lana’s follow-up album to 2019’s ‘Norman F*cking Rockwell.’ Much like how ‘Norman’ album was inspired by her life in Los Angeles, ‘Chemtrails’ album has been inspired by the Midwest regions.

Lana Del Rey does mention the city of Arkansas, US, which is about 300 miles away from the town of Tulsa, which is referenced in the song title.

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“Tulsa Jesus Freak” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

The entire song is a sexual invitation to a ‘man’ that Lana Del Rey seems to enjoy the company of. There is not enough evidence to say that she actually enjoys his company, in which case, we would assume she just wants him out of necessity.

Lana calls out for a drunken man to come comfort her. She is content with his drunken behavior, and offers to trade in her body for the can of Gin in his hand. For her, a rough night of ‘mistakes,’ is her own little piece of heaven.

We’re white hot forever and only God knows

This lyric explains her mindset going into this ‘relationship’ of sorts with this man. We don’t see why, and neither does she. God might.

She just wants him to sing her like a Bible hymn–whatever fantasy that entails. Maybe, another reason why she wants him to stay close to Jesus–so he knows his hymns well enough. Nothing about this song seems to be ‘normal.’

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