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This Guy Added a Beat to Eminem’s Trump-Whacking Freestyle Cypher “The Storm”

Eminem dropped a bomb on the Trump administration last week with a surprise appearance at the parking lot of BET Awards. The Detroit rapper performed a freestyle cypher that has sparked so much controversy among the public as well as within the fan base itself. Because Eminem clearly said that if any fan is a supporter of Trump, that is where is draws the line between them. Needless to say that some fans are left confused and some fans and the public in general are overjoyed.

The freestyle was titled “The Storm” and has got so many reactions and replies on social media. But, Ramzoid from YouTube decided to spice things up with a fresh beat to this freestyle cypher. In this video released, he shows the creative process that goes behind adding music to vocals. He picks up a beat that matches the pace of Eminem’s delivery of “The Storm” and then adds more synths, drums etc.

Watch Eminem’s “The Storm” Turned into a HipHop Song

The end result is quite amazing as you can see in the last part of the video above and Ramzoid has created so many of these unique videos on his channel.

The best part about this video is that we are able to see the thinking process that goes in the mind of a producer and you can see that a lot depends on the talent of the producer.

We think Ramzoid pretty much nailed it converting “The Storm” into a full blown hip hop track. If you liked this video, make sure to check out his channel for more cool remakes.

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