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Eminem – Chloraseptic (Remix) Ft. 2 Chainz and PHresher (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Less than a month since the release of the latest masterpiece by Eminem, he has come back with a remix of one of the songs from ‘Revival’ album. “Chloraseptic” was always an energized track by Eminem speaking about the modern day hip hop. Now, in the remix, he hits back with more fuel and energy, even addressing all the critics of ‘Revival’ album.

On the original album version, PHresher performed the hook of the song while Eminem dropped all the verses. In the remix, however, all three artists are dropping verses, and Eminem goes into overdrive in the third and final verse.

Listen to “Chloraseptic (Remix” by Eminem

Chloroseptic remix for y’all!!!!! Enjoy!! from Eminem

Chloraspetic is a popular throat medicine. Eminem uses this to say that the modern day rappers need throat medicine to hear them. Eminem calls these artists “mumble rappers” which are considered to be incomprehensible or lyrically flawed.

Let us take a look at the verse by Em.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Chloraspetic (Remix)

Verse 3

Ben Ladin with a pen, body it again
I begin slaughterin’ your men, prolly shoulda been
Ali of the spin, golly embodiment of sin
Like a Saudi in the Taliban plotting an event
In the lobby of the Intercontinental
With an obvious intent
And I will not even relent up on a little
Like Osama with a rhyme under the bin
And down the middle of the Pentagon

Eminem compares himself to a terrorist with a pen. Osama bin Laden was a Saudi national terrorist head who made a black mark on the humankind. Eminem says he is similar to Osama, when he crafts his lyrics. Marshall Mathers has never been the one to filter his lyrics and he is not about to start now.

Eminem also refers to the Al-Qaeda bombing of the Intercontinental hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan and the terrorist attack on the Pentagon.

And hit a kindergartener with a rental

Eminem is referring to all the upcoming hip hop ‘stars’ who are born into overnight money and their lives become and endless parade of luxuries which they can’t even afford.

Rap mature, why can’t you be like Macklemore? Huh?
Why you always gotta smack a whore?

To rap in a more mature stance has been a complain Eminem has received his entire life. He is asked to be more like Macklemore who has a good message crafted in silvery lyrics in almost all songs. Slim Shady is just not Macklemore and possibly never will be.

Something’s gotta give, that’s for sure
Yet you keep comin’ back for more

Even though the complains are piling up, Eminem still creates massive buzz when releasing a new track. ‘Revival’ album has been the second best selling album in 2017 after Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide‘ album.

Not as raw as I was, “Walk on Water” sucks
Bitch, suck my dick
Y’all saw the tracklist and had a fit ‘fore you heard it
So you formed your verdict

Eminem talks about the distasteful comments he received regarding ‘Revival’ album. People claim “Walk on Water” sucked and Em straight up answers them. Eminem himself says, maybe the Stans need to cool it down a step. The rumors were enough to build up high castles and dreams about this album and eventually curiosity kills the cat.

But nowadays, every flow, every cadence sounds the same
Brain’s a powder keg, I draw inspiration outta hate
Real pain in the paper, I don’t trace
But if I look strange and out of place
It’s ’cause I’m an alien, that’s why I write ’til the page is outta space, yeah

Eminem talks about the state of rap and hip hop music today. He already called them ‘mumble rappers’ and now he is saying these artist have no brains to come up of proper lyrics.

He is also admitting that his verses are a real pain to whom they are directed at. Last year Eminem went on a freestyle rampage titled “Campaign Speech,” over his views on the Trump administration.

Em includes a nice little play on words at the end of these lines. He says he might look like an alien because he has lyrics running on pages until they are out of space. ‘Outta space’ also sounds like ‘outer space’ where aliens come from.

But am I s’posed to sound like everything else out?
‘Cause I don’t get compared to it, only myself now

Eminem calls out everyone who set the bar high for him. New rappers popping out like ‘shrooms and making quick bucks and nobody bats an eye. But Eminem fails, it is the end of the world. Eminem is never compared with any other artist in the industry-simply because that is an impossible thing to do. He talks about this in his new single “Walk on Water” as well.

Full Lyrics to “Chloraseptic (Remix) by Eminem


Let us know what you think about Em’s latest remix of “Chloraseptic.” Which was better? The original or the remix?

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