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Halsey Premiers “Sorry” Music Video (Review)

Tables have finally turned as Halsey becomes one of the few women to admit that they weren’t the committed one in a relationship. Halsey says she is extremely “Sorry” for her behavior in the relationship and he deserved better. She also delivers a very emotional and dramatic performance in the newly released music video.

“Sorry” appears in Halsey’s last album ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ that was released back in mid-2017. Last week she released a music video for “Bad At Love,” yet another track from the above album.

Review of “Sorry” by Halsey

The music video is set in a very traumatic scenario where a guy is shown in a very bad condition after a vehicle accident that seems quite serious. We can assume that Halsey was in the same vehicle as she is covered in blood as well. Halsey then goes onto a confessional mode saying that she was not the best at being in a relationship.

Apparently, she doesn’t remember his birthday. She doesn’t know her family that well. She did not have an intention to use him. But she is just not committed like the rest.

And I’m sorry to my unknown lover
Sorry that I can’t believe that anybody ever really
Starts to fall in love with me

In the chorus of “Sorry,” Halsey tries to hint why she is like that. Looks like she has been hurt before. She has been used and discarded in the name of love. This kind of relationship could break anyone and Halsey feels as if everybody is out to use her and discard her. So she does not attach herself to others too strong.

Watch “Sorry” Music Video by Halsey

We are in love with the song and the music video. It’s a change of pace and we think a lot of people, besides gender, can relate to this.

Let us know what you think about the song and the music video in the comments below.

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