jessie j real deal lyric video review

Jessie J Premiers Scenic Lyric Video for “Real Deal” (Review)

Jessie J has returned to the music field after almost 2 years of hiatus since her 2015 single “Flashlight” for Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack. Her comeback single is titled “Real Deal” and we see a powered down Jessie J in action. Usually her music is so powerful and energetic and this time she opts for a more slow paced and melodious track.

“Real Deal” is written by Shuggie Otis, Darhyl Camper and Jessie J herself. In an interview she had with Forbes, she clarified that this single will not be part of any album she is working on. This statement gives us hope for a new album by this insanely talented artist.

“Real Deal” speaks about discovering love, that first few sparks of a new romance.

You can’t deny the energy
That we got goin’ on
I know you feel the chemistry
This shit feels so strong

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The lyric video is more or less a full blown music video, except for the fact that Jessie J is not seen singing any lyrics in the video. Instead, she is seen wondering around, high on love, and enjoying the nature and every moment. She hits the beach at the sunset and it’s all gloriously beautiful. She seems so at peace.

I don’t wanna waste it, take the risk and make it (oh, yeah)
Ain’t no need for fakin’, love is for the takin’ (we special)
This could be the real deal (oh, yeah)
This could be the real deal (oh, yeah)

Although different from her previous work, we think this is a good comeback by the “Price Tag” singer. What did you think about the new song “Real Deal”? Think this is a good return after 2 years? Let us know in the comments below and share the article with your friends.

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