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Tyler, The Creator Responds to Eminem’s Diss without Vocals

Eminem’s latest album ‘Kamikaze‘ seems to be bearing the results he intended. The album attacked pretty much every famous name in the industry, except for the G.O.A.T.s of Eminem. The Rap God went on to attack the mumble rappers whom he believes are destroying the industry and quality of music. Songs such as “The Ringer,” “Kamikaze,” “Fall” and “Not Alike” are especially focused on bringing hell on some of the modern-school rappers.

Most of the rappers who got dissed on Em’s ‘Kamikaze’ have not responded to the Detroit emcee. However, Machine Gun Kelly dropped a firey diss track “Rap Devil” that mocked Eminem and even called him a “bi*ch.” Tekashi 6ix9ine seemed to attempt in making a diss track, but failed. Both Lil Pump and Lil Xan, who got called out as ‘mumble rappers’ by Eminem, posted on social media that they were hurt but still love Eminem.

Tyler, The Creator got called out on Eminem’s song titled “Fall.” In this song, Eminem called him “Tyler create nothing…” and “a faggot…” Tyler Gregory Okonma probably picked the best way to respond to Eminem’s diss.

Tyler, The Creator Releases Back-to-back Instrumentals

Little days down the line after the release of ‘Kamikaze’ album on August 31st, Tyler, The Creator released an instrumental titled “PUFF.” He captioned “gap tooth t on the keys” on the video on YouTube.

Who is “gap tooth t?”
The gap between Tyler's two front teeth leads him to be called
The gap between Tyler’s two front teeth leads him to be called “gap tooth t.” (Image credits: allianceockhart.com)

What does this “PUFF” instrumental mean? Tyler, The Creator is silently flaunting his playing the keyboard on this track. He is showcasing his talents. He is showing that he did/do/does create something. “PUFF” does have a very good beat and keyboard track.

Tyler, The Creator Releases “BUCKET” Instrumental

One day after releasing “PUFF,” on September 05, Tyler releases the next instrumental titled “BUCKET.”

With the release of the second instrumental track, Tyler captions:

“produced and arranged by gap toof t
strings composed by gap toof t / recorded at hans zimmer studios”

Tyler created an impressive musical piece on “BUCKET” and he flaunts his talents on strings here.

[polldaddy poll=10102467]

One day later, Tyler releases yet another instrumental titled “SPRINT.” With this release, he captions “gap tooth t on the tnt”signaling the track is explosive. And it sure is. The audio clip even has a artwork of an explosion.

Tyler, The Creator Proves He Does Create Music

The last of the instrumentals series is “FAWN.” In this audio caption, Tyler goes into a little bit more details about his work in music.

“not a “rework”, “new mix” or “different version”. original instrumental by gap tooth t”

Most artists these days rely on remixing and rehashing the same old content with a new beat or a new featured artist. But Tyler is saying that his music is 100% Tyler, The Creator!

“PUFF,” “BUCKET,” “SPRINT” and “FAWN” are the back-to-back released instrumental tracks by Tyler, The Creator to send a subtle message to Eminem on calling him out on “Fall.” Did he just disprove Eminem? Did he just disprove and slap back on Eminem without saying a word? All these four tracks are really good and Eminem might have to wake his voice to reply to this.

On top of all these new releases, Tyler managed to get one final blow on Eminem, again, without saying a word. He uploaded all these instrumental tracks on YouTube under the ‘Education’ category. Tyler is teaching Eminem something! He is teaching Em that he, in fact, did/could create something.

These are the only 4 tracks released by Tyler so far. If any new instrumentals are released, we will be sure to keep you posted. Follow us and keep in touch.

Let us know what you think about this odd behavior by Tyler, The Creator. Do you think he is responding to Eminem’s diss? Or, do you think he is just putting out some new music? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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