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blink-182 – Quarantine | Lyrics Meaning & Song Review

blink-182 prodcued a brand new song stuck in quarantine and what better name to use than “Quarantine.” In the song, the singers talk about being stuck in their homes under the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic conditions and how the United States as a country failed to secure its people due to misoginy of the administration.

This song is expected to be a part of blink-182’s upcoming EP.

The song also talks about being extremely bored while being in quarantine as this was a new experience for many people around the world. Some countries enforced curfew law to keep people in their homes to prevent the community spread of COVID-19. However, the Trump administration took the pandemic warnings very lightly which caused the country to become one of the leading failures in the world.

As of this article, over 19.5 million people around the world were infected with COVID-19 with over 720,000 deaths. The USA took the leaderboard with over 5 million cases in the country and over 160,000 deaths.

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“Quarantine” Lyrics Meaning and Song Review

Verse 1

In the first verse of the song, the singer considers it a blessing that he is a borning person and he can actually stay at home without spasming over going out. The simplest warning given by the governments to prevent the community spread of COVID0-19 was to cut off all unnecessary travel and maintain distance between people you meet in public if you do have to go out. One of the unique features of the COVID-19 virus was its ability to spread through air and is categorized as highly contagious.


Being in quarantine is a very tedious undertaking. If it was so boring for ordinary people like ourselves, it would have been chaotic for a rock band.

The singer says he would rather be taking the Star Tours (a Star Wars based ride in Disney amusement park) or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The latter is know to be an excrutiatingly tedious and a boring place to be in. But he still prefers it over being locked in his home. But he would do it with the big picture in mind–for all of society.

Verse 2

In the second verse, blink-182 lists down some of the things that people undertook during quarantine. Some people studied, read books, played games, drowned themselves in alcohol, and with the murder of George Floyd by the Minnesota police department, #BLM protests burst out all over the USA.

Since the schools and most of the offices were closed, parents and children were also forced to be stuck inside their households. blink-182 assumes that this situation would have left the parents to second-guess parenthood as the children create havoc.


Hoping it will disappear like a miracle was one of the main COVID-919 fighting tactics of the Trump administration. This, of course, has proven to be so wrong and an incompetent decision which is witnessed through the statistics mentioned above. Trump administration’s another achievement was trying to “save” the economy by not imposing lockdown laws. This measure resulted in increasing the community spread largely and in turn impacting the economy adversely.

All-in-all, the world’s self-proclaimed powerhouse, the United States of America, has failed horribly to contain a pandemic at bay, whilst many developing countries have overcome the same odds.

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