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Major Lazer Presents Ghanian-Themed “Tied Up” Video Featuring Mr Eazi and Raye (Review)

Major Lazer is extensively engaged in African music as evident from his latest album ‘Afrobeats (DJ Mix)’ dropped in September this year. However, the album tracklist keeps on extending as Lazer keeps adding new music to the album. The latest of such additions is “Tied Up,” a smooth afrobeat which features Nigerian singer Mr Eazi and English singer Raye.

The slow-paced track has a fast-paced dance choreography that is unique to the Afrobeat. Lazer also emphasizes Ghanian culture throughout this video.

Releasing the video today, Major Lazer commented about the video: “young people are shaping culture all over the world 🌎 big up to Mr Eazi & Raye for being on the track.”

Diplo, who is a producer on the track, commented: “we finally found the perfect major Lazer record for Mr Eazi and Raye..they rep for Ghana so we had to shoot there.”

Mr Eazi, too, commented on the video release: “Gheeeezzzz!!!!! So happy this video is out!!!! Hehe.”

Looking at these comments by the artists involved, we can truly see that production of “Tied Up” was a true passion project.

Watch “Tied Up” Music Video by Major Lazer

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Major Lazer does not forget to shout out to all the people involved with this project. The choreographer, stylists and dancers: @lalabzy, @asantewaa95, @sarehadessah, @lottyana, @incrediblezigi, @mr_shawtyme32 and @ghdynojet.

The song speaks about a struggle to make a relationship work. They have this thing ‘tied up’ inside of them that stops them from expressing themselves freely. They just can’t point at what is wrong and what keeps them from taking the relationship to the next level. But they are willing to fight for it and keep trying.

We love this song and the refreshing music video. Let us know what you think about “Tied Up” by Major Lazer and Raye. We think both artists did an amazing job with the vocals.

Full Lyrics to “Tied Up” by Major Lazer


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