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“New Romantics” is Taylor Swift’s Latest Single from ‘1989’

Taylor Swift is on a mission. We are not quite sure about her decision behind releasing the three bonus tracks of ‘1989′ Deluxe edition as singles, but the fandom certainly loves it. It gives the opportunity for a track to be purchased separately from the album, and also gives the chance for it to be listed in music charts.

Taylor Swift announced that she will be releasing the three bonus tracks as singles a couple of weeks ago, and released “Wonderland” immediately after. And today, she has released “New Romantics” as the second bonus single off of ‘1989’ deluxe album. And it seems to be working pretty well for Taylor too. All the singles off of ‘1989’ are listed on Billboard Hot 100 chart. But then again Taylor Swifts’ ‘static’ track climbed atop of Canada’s charts. LOL. The fandom is everything!

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The song is quite good, although it didn’t make it into the standard edition of ‘1989’. Come to think of it, there isn’t a single track on ‘1989’ deluxe album that could be considered ‘bad’. We reviewed “New Romantics” for your pleasure.

Taylor recently mentioned that she will not release another album unless she feels satisfied that it could potentially be better than ‘1989’, and she also said that it is going to be very difficult. We agree. So don’t hold your breath for a quick new album by Taylor. She will be taking her time on her next album. But in the meantime fans will have The 1989 World Tour and possibly more collaborations, covers and what not!

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