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Sam Day Premiers “Carousel” Debut Single Talking About Love (Lyrics Review)

The young Sameera Dayaratne may be a new name to the international arena. But in his homeland of Sri Lanka, Sam Day has made a name for himself as a soulful artist. Complete with a vibrant personality and the voice of a superstar, he is ready to take on the international arena with his debut single “Carousel.”

Although “Carousel” is his first single, Sam is no stranger to song covers. And he has tackled some difficult songs with extreme delicacy as well. Often seen with an acoustic guitar by his side, he has covered “Grenade” by Bruno Mars, “All Of Me” by John Legend, “Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd, “Livin’ On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi, and his most famous cover to-date “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. The last cover won him the local ‘TNL Onstage’ talent show 9 years ago. All of these performances can be seen on his official YouTube channel.

Sam Day announced the upcoming song on his official Instagram page: “I interrupt my scheduled broadcast to preview a small teaser for my original THATS DROPPING TOMORROW! Stay tuuuned! I’ll be going live at around 9:30pm 😉.” Looking at Sam Day’s social media profiles, we can see how much of a local celebrity he is, having back-to-back open-mic nights and live gigs all over the country.

Watch the “Carousel” Lyric Video by Sam Day

Sam Day’s new single “Carousel” is a sad melody. The singer talks of a relationship that is on the edge. He has her with her; but somehow he does not.

In the first verse, we find out that there is another ‘he’ that she keeps talking about. She talks about a new game that he taught her, where you could lose her in the blink of an eye.

Reading between the lines of “Carousel,” we could dig out that this girl might have been unfaithful with the singer. The people she used to cheat with are equated to ‘ghosts’ here since they are non-tangible. But these ghosts sure did haunt their love. The singer could not just walk away from these ghosts.

“We held hands, they held your tongue,” sings Sam Day in the chorus of this song. We can assume that even these two were together, there was this looming issue of her unfaithfulness that kept them from taking their relationship to the next level. She might be holding her tongue in confessing her true love to him, or saying “yes, I will” to that one question.

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