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Eminem Calls Machine Gun Kelly “Cocksucker” in Live Concert in Australia

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly had one of the steamiest face-offs in 2018 that won Eminem the ‘best-selling album’ title for his latest album ‘Kamikaze’ in 2018. The feud started as a cold trail when Eminem referenced MGK on “Not Alike” from the album. MGK quickly responded with “Rap Devil” talking about how much of a fake character Eminem poses to be. Eminem hit back with another hit diss track “KILLSHOT” which aimed at burying the Cleveland-based rapper once and for all. MGK did not respond to this track calling it “not worthy” of a response.

This heated debate continued for a mere month and the entire hip-hop world was woken up as a result. Fandoms took sides, argued, discussed and weeks later the hear died down. But this does not necessarily mean that the feud is over.

Eminem is on a series of concerts in Australia at the moment. Last night he finished up his set in Brisbane when the fans called out for an encore. Fans kept on chanting “KILLSHOT” in hopes that Eminem would end the concert in a blast. But Eminem had other things in mind;

“I would, but I can’t give that cocksucker anymore fucking light.”

He continued, after bidding all the attendees farewell;

“make some fucking noise for yourselves, and make nothing for MGK.”

The Rap God was screamed farewell by the attendees.

Granted, that this war between Eminem and MGK has spawned some intense tracks which have kicked new life into the industry. But this is not healthy. As Em says, he has everything to lose and MGK has nothing to lose in these petty fights. Hence, walking away would be the wiser and smarter decision.

Eminem’s last album ‘Kamikaze’ contained some intense lyrics targeting many artists in the industry. He was furious about the Trump administration, the poor state of hip-hop and rap today, mumble rappers and artists mooching off of him. Only a very few decided to respond to Eminem. And Eminem chose fewer to reply back.

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