Eminem Lose Yourself demo version

Listen to The Long Lost and Forgotten Version of “Lose Yourself”

If you are even the smallest Eminem fan, you are aware of his epic song ‘Lose Yourself’. For me ‘Lose Yourself’ is a song that separates Eminem from all other artists–Hip Hop and otherwise. It basically contains the story of his life and how he has become who he is today when the whole world was pulling him down.

‘Lose Yourself’ has earned Eminem more accolades than any other single he has ever produced. On this Wiki page you can read all about the single–how it came to be and what is represents as a song.

‘Lose Yourself’ We Know…


This is the ‘Lose Yourself’ version we know. This is from the soundtrack of the movie ‘8 Mile’ which is loosely based on the life story of Eminem. This is a great song with great music.

However, recently Eminem announced that there is another version of ‘Lose Yourself’. A version Eminem himself has forgotten throughout the years. When they come say about this version, Eminem draws a complete blank about even recording this track. Shady Records calls it “Original Demo Version”. There’s still a lot of history about this song to be unraveled.

Eminem Talks About The ‘Original Demo Version’ of Lose Yourself

It is clear that even Marshall Mathers has forgotten all about this version of the song. So this is going to be a treat. We will get to listen to the full version with the release of the new album Shady XV on November 24.

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Lose Yourself Original Demo Version Snippet


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