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Jonas Brothers’ New Single is Good “Cool” (Lyrics Review)

The Jonas Brothers may be feeling a little cool after their reunite in 2019 with their hit single “Sucker.” This time, the brothers are back with a brand new, retro-feeling single and video.

Jonas Brothers premiered their second single “Cool” after their reunite January 2019. This marks one of the biggest come backs for boy bands in this year. As they lead up to their brand new album release, “Cool” marks an important step in the journey.

In this new song, the Brothers sing about how they began to feel ‘cool’ of late. They draw some undisputable references from Pop-culture to prove their coolness.

In the first verse, Nick Jonas name drops one of the most illustrated actors in the USA-James Dean, the coolest sitcom Playboy-Charlie Sheen, “Killer Queen” song by Queen, and American movie star-Jane Fonda. In the second verse, Joe Jonas fills in for the vocals. He sings about how positive everything looks when he has the right attitude. He is feeling ‘cool,’ everything goes right, all green lights on the road, public loves him and so forth.

Joe Jonas name drops Post Malone, one of the biggest, coolest and humblest pop stars in action today. He also brings in The Game of Thrones–one of the biggest and highest rated TV shows in history. Incidentally enough, Joe’s fiance Sophie Turner plays the role of Sansa Stark in the series. Double ‘cool’ points there for Joe Jonas.

The music video for “Cool” is a whole different work of art. The entire video is quite retro and they show us the ‘good’ kind of cool. From dressing as the gentlemen from the ’80s to Hawaiin t-shirts and women in vintage leotards dancing around the guys, this video is soothing on the eyes.

You can download the single on iTunes and Amazon.

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