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Avril Lavigne Premiers “Tell Me It’s Over” Music Video (Lyrics Review)

Avril Lavigne just dropped a music video from her latest album ‘Head Above Water.’ Returning from battling a devastating Lyme disease since 2014. The upcoming album is dedicated to her battle since then and what kept her going. The new music video released today is for “Tell Me It’s Over” single from the upcoming album.

‘Head Above Water’ is the sixth studio album of the Pop star returning from the full recovery of Lyme disease. The album is expected to be released towards min-January 2019. “Tell Me It’s Over” single follows the first single released earlier this year titled “Head Above Water.” The song speaks about her battle with the disease and how different people kept her reaching for the light every day.

The new single “Tell Me It’s Over” speaks of an ugly split of a couple. Avril Lavigne appears with a cute boyfriend in this video directed by Erica Silverman. The video has been added a splash of Christmas spirit in lieue of the holiday season.

Watch “Tell Me It’s Over” Music Video by Avril Lavigne

In this new video we find Avril Lavigne and her boyfriend being all lover-dovey at first and eventually fall apart. Seems as though a drop of doubt has snuck into their relationship and things fall apart very fast there on. We see how the couple enjoys Christmas-probably last year’s-unwrapping gifts and being cozy in the warmth of each other. This year, it’s just pure coldness. They fight and keep on fighting not knowing when it will end or if it will resolve. So we hear Avril questioning is this relationship over now!

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Tell Me It’s Over”

Verse 1

The first verse speaks of how Avril is getting tired of the continouous fights they are having. The fights are not seeing a resolution and when one fight dies down, another erupts. She says she is tired of this cycle.

The thoughts of betrayal, love lost, anger, happiness, anguish and everything else has Avril’s head spinning until she collapses.


It is not easy to disconnect the emotions of physical touch of two lovers. Avril says despite their problems, she forgets it all when he kisses her. In the music video, too, we see Avril lazying calmly in the hands of the guy, right after what seemed like an ugly fight.

And his bitter sweet lies take Avril to a place of extreme comfort.


She is hating this cyclical behaviour without resolution. She wants it to end and she is asking her boyfriend to tell her that their relationship is over. 


In these lyrics of “Tell Me It’s Over,” it sounds as if Avril is finally ready to move on. She keeps on giving him chances, which he abuses every time. She has been played fool enough times. It’s time for her to move on.

Let us know what you think about this brand new single and music video by Avril Lavigne. She looks absolutely gorgeous in the new video and quite healthy too. Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Full Lyrics to “Tell Me It’s Over” by Avril Lavigne

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