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Jessie Reyez Performs “Phone Calls” Live at the Honda Stage

Jessie Reyez has been an inspiration to all women and even men ever since she came into the limelight last year with singles such as “Fuck It,” “Body Count,” “Figures,” “Shutter Island” and more. Her first EP-Kiddo released in April 2017 was a major kickstart to her career, which led to her being featured on songs like “Good Guy” and “Nice Guy” by Eminem, from his 2018 album ‘Kamikaze.’ She received a much-need breakthrough from being featured on “Hard To Love” by Calvin Harris.

Jessie Reyez appeared at the annual music gala ‘Honda Stage’ to perform “Phone Calls,” “Great One” and “Sola.” The 27-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter appeared in a non-flashy tshirt and a jumper to perform her hits at the Honda Stage 2018.

A unique voice, amazing vocals and hard-hitting real lyrics make Jessie Reyez stand out from the rest. She has openly spoken on topics such as sexual harrassment, dirty bids and gender discrimination within the music industry, in her songs. She dresses and looks like a typical rebellious teenager, until she opens her mouth.

Watch Jessie Reyez Perform “Phone Calls” Live at the Honda Stage

“A lot of these dick-riders finna change
I don’t even got one, now I’m getting brains
I don’t even got one, now I’m getting ratings
Bitch, you just a little late, so”

Jessie Reyez – “Phone Calls” lyrics

Jessie Reyez released her second EP ‘Being Human In Public’ in October 2018, which gave us some amazing tracks such as “Imported,” “Sola,” “F*uck Being Friends,” “Dear Yessie” and “Saint Nobody.” She just completed her ‘Being Human on Tour’ from October 11th to December 4th in cities across USA and Canada.

You can watch the other acts by Jessie Reyez during the Honda Stage on her official YouTube channel.

Let us know in the comments below what you think of Jessie Reyez and her music. True raw power or what?

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