avril lavigne I Fell in Love with the Devil

Avril Lavigne – I Fell in Love With the Devil (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Avril Lavigne dropped her sixth studio album ‘Head Above Water’ after making a full recovery from the Lyme diseases she was suffering from since 2016. The new album is a dedication to the fight she faught and what and who inspired her to keep going. She also released the lead single “Head Above Water” in 2018 dedicated to all those who are struggling in life.

The new song “I Fell in Love With the Devil” is the third track on the album, and speaks about a certain toxic relationship the singer had to endure. Constant mistakes and “teddy bears and ‘I’m sorry’ letters” are a dangeous mix. In an interview for Aargauer Zeitung, Avril spoke about what the song means to her;

“I’ll never, never betray! But it was fierce and I was really scared. I was still weakened and already so vulnerable and fearful and insecure at the time. Then he came. That was what they call a “toxic relationship,” and the only good thing is that it did not take long. I was out of there fast, literally stormed. And as it often happens with me, a song evolved from the experience.”

Avril Lavigne

Hence, two things are certain about this song. One, this song is based on real events, and two, Avril was still suffering from her illness when she experienced this toxic relationship.

Listen to “I Fell in Love With the Devil” by Avril Lavigne

You can download the new song on iTunes and Amazon, along with the new album ‘Head Above Water’ on iTunes and Amazon.

The 34-year-old Canadian pop star is heard hitting her classic high notes on this track as she sings of her traumatic relationship. Lucky for her, it did not last long. In the lyrics, Avirl explains how she fell in love with this man, which was like playing with fire. He was the kind of guy to hand over a lighter to a girl on fire. But what extended this relationship than it needed to be was his apologetic letters and “sweet alibis.”

Avril right out calls this guy ‘the devil.’ We will never discover what exactly he did to her, but she seems to have been scarred quite badly. Our best guess is that he cheated on her.

What do you think about this song? Have you experienced toxic relationships? Leave a comment below.

Complete Lyrics to “I Fell in Love With the Devil” by Avril Lavigne

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