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Lele Pons Premier First Solo Single “Celoso” (English Lyric Translation)

Lele Pons is an Instagram and YouTube star who has gained a wide audience with her hilarious and witty videos. The 22-year-old Venezuelan-American internet personality has accumulated over 27 million followers on Instagram and over 11 million subscribers on YouTube. The new song “Celoso” marks Pons’ first solo single ever.

“Celoso” single and music video was released on August 17 and the video has amassed around 33 million views within a week. This is a massive number considering the full song is in Spanish.

“Celoso” is written by Miguel Duran, Luyo, Dez Wright and DVLP, while the video choreography is done by Nick DeMoura. You can check out the original Spanish lyrics here.

After the release of the new single and video, Lele Pons has been signed to Universal Music label.

Watch “Celoso” Music Video by Lele Pons

The song speaks about enjoying her freedom. She seems to have a clingy and a suspicious boyfriend, so she is decently saying that she appreciates her own time as well.

The song goes on to talk about how her man is insecure about his ‘man status’ that he does not let her pay for dinners. But she assures herself and the man that she is not one to be kept down.

The music video starts off with a black and white kitchen at a restaurant and moves on to several brightly colored dance sets. Lele Pons changes into Yellow, Blue, and hot Red during the video itself, while singing and dancing. Impressive!

Lele Pons on Instagram

Let us know what you think about this brand new song and video “Celoso” by Lele Pons. Do you think she has what it takes to make it in the music industry? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Full English Lyrics for “Celoso” by Lele Pons


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