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David Bowie’s 72nd Birthday Celebrations: ‘Spying Through A Keyhole’ to Include 9 Rare, Unreleased Songs

Born on January 8, 1947 n Brixton, London, UK, the late great musical maestro-David Bowie would have been 72 years today. We at Justrandomthings would like to wish the legend a very happy birthday and eternal peace in heaven!

The original Starman, David Bowie’s birthday commemoration and 50th anniversay of “Sapce Oddity” comes with some exciting news. Parlophone Records, home to some of the greatest musicians such as The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Queen, Pink Floyd, Tina Turner, Radiohead and more, is set to bring us some brand new music by David Bowie. Well, “brand new” is a subjective term in this specific instance.

The new album, or rather 7″ Vinyl record is said to contain 9 rare, never-before-heard, early-age works by David Bowie. The album is titled ‘Spying Through A Keyhole,’ and would contain demos and unreleased songs. Bowie’s official website confirms that “most of the recordings are solo vocal and acoustic home demo performances…” As confirmed by Parlophone Records, the vinyl will be limited edition, however the songs may appear on streaming sites later on.

‘Spying Through A Keyhole’ Vinyl Singles Box Set Tracklist

  1. Mother Grey
  2. In The Heat Of The Morning
  3. Goodbye 3d (Threepenny) Joe
  4. Love All Around
  5. London Bye, Ta-Ta
  6. Angel, Angel, Grubby Face
  7. Angel, Angel, Grubby Face (version 2 with alternate lyrics)
  8. Space Oddity (demo excerpt with alternate lyrics)
  9. Space Oddity (demo with alternative lyrics) featuring John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson
David Bowie’s ‘Spying Through A Keyhole’ Vinyl Cover (Image source: Davidbowie)

David Bowie, the creator of Ziggy Stardust, is one of the most decorated musicians of all time, with an uncanny love and aspiration for the universe above us. He manifested worlds of illusions with songs such as “Space Oddity,” “Starman,” “Under Pressure” a collaboration with Queen, “Ashes to Ashes,” “Cat People,” “Life on Mars?” and more.

While you await the release of ‘Spying Through A Keyhole,’ you can enjoy some of the greatest hits by David Bowie in the ‘Best of Bowie’ album below.

David Bowie passed away on January 10th 2016 in Manhattan, New York, mere two days after his 69th birthday. The cause of death was pronounced as a liver cancer Bowie suffered since 2014.

Parlophone Records released yet another Bowie music collection ‘Loving the Alien’ in 2018. Check it out on iTunes and Amazon.

What is your favourite song by David Bowie? What is your fondest memory of David Bowie? Leave a comment below.

Rest in peace, Starman!

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