lil pump pump university episode 1

Welcome to Pump University Ep.1 by Dr. Lil Pump

Let us tell you again, Lil Pump is having way too much fun!

This time, Lil Pump is conducting classes. Why not? According to his latest his “Be Like Me” featuring Lil Wayne, Pump assures that a lot of new rappers try to be like him. But what does it really take one to be like Lil Pump? Now you can learn, from the maestro himself. He might be a ‘Harverd Dropout,’ but he has his own university now: Pump University. University motto: ESS KEE TIT. Of course!

Lil Pump premiered the first episode of ‘Pump University’ today. In this episode, ‘The Greatest Doctor Alive,’ Dr. Lil Pump will be teaching us ‘Health 101: Pump Start Your Life Today.’

“Hello guys, welcome to Pump University” Lil Pump M.D., welcomed us to the first class. “This is a place where you do whatever the f*ck you want.”

Lil Lesson 1: Vegetables are trash. Vegetables are grown in dirt, and that’s disgusting.

“We only eat chicken wings at Pump University” says Dr. Pump. “Lemon pepper chicken wings, those are my favourite. Love ’em.”

Lil Lesson 2: Fruit is evil. Kill them before they kill you.

And we see Lil Pump going ham on a watermelon!

Lil Lesson 3: Stop caring.

“We are healthy, because we’re happy. And we’re happy because we don’t give a shit about anything.” And Lil Pump’s list of things he doesn’t give a shit about includes: books, Math, science classes, scholars, intellectuals, grammarists, cold pizza, vegetables and Vitamin C.”

The Pump University slogan seems to be “we can do whatever the f*ck we want.” Well, that’s one way to be happy! And those are three Lil Lessons that you never should adopt!

Well, Pump did warn us at the start of the video that “you will be losing a lot of brain cells by watching this video.” And we did!

Watch the hilarious video below.

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