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Amy Winehouse – F*ck Me Pumps (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

Amy Winehouse is still one of the greatest artists to have walked this earth. Unfortunately, she did not take her own advice from “Rehab” and get help with her drug and alcohol addiction which resulted in her untimely passing in July 2011, at the age of 27. In the two albums she left with us, ‘Frank’ (2003) and ‘Back to Black’ (2006), Amy gace us some amazing music that will live on forever. Amy’s debut album was a massive success, courtesy of her powerful vocals and persona, and we also got “Fuck Me Pumps” track relevant more to now than before.

“Fuck Me Pumps” was released as the fourth track on ‘Frank’ album in 2003. The song speaks about women who use their looks and sexuality to get by on their lives, and most times mess up others’ lives in the process. The music video for the track was released in 2009. The song reached #65 on UK Singles chart in 2004.

The song is written by Amy Winehouse and Salaam Remi, the latter also assisting on drums, electric bass and beatboxing.

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High-heeled women’s shoes are often referred to as ‘fuck me shoes.’ They mean to exaggerate the sexual image of women, and targets them as sexually promiscous. In such sense, in this song Amy Winehouse is drawing out a common feature among these lose women who wear high-heeled shoes to arouse men for their benefit.

Lyrics Review and Song Meaning of “Fuck Me Pumps”

Amy Winehouse wears a smile while performing this song in the music video. That is a sarcastic smile. She very knows she is calling out these type of women in the worst way possible, and she does not want to do it with a frown. Amy gets brutal in these lyrics, and each line is a satirical stab at them.

Verse 1

In the first verse, Amy Winehouse describes how these women look. They are dressed like stars–high-end fashion items (probably some guy bought them), shining jewelry, and the most common feature is their high-heeled shoes. It is also noteworthy that most of the street prostitutes wear high-heeled shoes.

High heels are a trademark fashion accessory of prostitutes (Image source: LATimes)

All of these accessories is to be noticed by a guy, who will take care of them for the night, and possibly for the breakfast next day, and that is it. So these women have to go out every night to keep up their lifestyle. All the guys know their name, and that is as famous as they ever will be. The best they could hope for is to be some footballer’s wife, which means to say that he will not be faithful to her.


In the chorus of “Fuck Me Pumps,” Amy lays out the manipulative nature of these women. They pretend as if they are looking for love and holy matrimony, where in fact, they are just looking to be a trophy wife. A wife of some millionaire who will take care of her for the rest of her life. They say they don’t like “players” and “ballers” but they are the exact same people these women fall for, because players and ballers have money to throw around.

Verse 2

In the second verse, Amy Winehouse elaborates on the sad situation of their dating lives. Most times these women do want to settle with a rich player, but end up being played themselves. Sex is on the table in the first night they meet, and the players lose interest in these women at the break of dawn. They never even get a taste of what a ‘relationship’ is like. It is really a saddened situation, but these women have poor choice, and the guys have no love interests in them.

Verse 3

In the third verse of “Fuck Me Pumps,” Amy Winehouse gives us a glimpse into these women’s lives. They go out every night, party it up, find a hookup, stay the night, bathe themselves in booze and drugs, have sex till they are numb and get thrown out in the morning. Amy mocks these women who try to impress guys and outdo girls by enlarging their breasts. Possibly, those fake breasts are the most valuable assets they have.

Amy credits the entire club scene to these women. She says the clubs and night life would not be fun at all if not for women like these. There would be no hard partying with arrotic dances, body shots, and one night stands. Men would go to their wives and live happily. And that is the whole reason why these women cannot find a man to settle down–because they are already married.

In the last line of “Fuck Me Pumps,” Amy gives her final advice to these women. As per the singer, these women knowingly carve out their misfortunes. So Amy says there is no turning back from this lifestyle; dust off those fuck-me shoes and get back on the street! Brutal!

As brutal as these lyrics may seem, this is the true nature of the world all around us. Amy composed these lyrics in 2003, but they are still relevant today, and possibly will be more relevant in the future.

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R.I.P Amy!!!

2 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse – F*ck Me Pumps (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

  1. Honestly, I think F*ck Me Pumps was incredibly gross song as a result of internalized misogyny. It implies that a woman shouldn’t dress showing however much skin she wants to, party, or partake in sexual relations whenever she feels she wants to. The only thing that’s remotely justifiable in this song is roasting gold diggers. It implies that if you like it to dress a certain way, party, and have sex you’ll never be able to find someone who actually loves you. She doesn’t even have the slightest bit of empathy by basically saying, “You’ll never be to redeem yourself because you’re just a worthless sl*t”. It was a awful song of its time and one of her more disappointing tracks

    1. Nah you got it all wrong… she’s tryna say that girls who think they can get anything they want in life due to their looks are shallow and close minded. It doesn’t work in the end. That mentality gets you no where. What you gonna do when your looks fade ? All you know is to get everything with your looks

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